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2015 Linus Pauling Medal Award Recipient is Barry Trost!

This annual award is given jointly by the ACS Portland, Puget Sound, and Oregon Sections

in recognition of outstanding contributions to chemistry in the spirit of Linus Pauling, a native

of the Pacific Northwest.

Trost is a pioneer in organic chemistry whose work on palladium-catalyzed substitution

reactions blazed new pathways to complex molecules with applications in medicine and

biology. Notably, the Tsuji-Trost reaction and the Trost ligand are named after him. Trost is

also known for advancing the concept of atom economy and the use of transition metal-

catalysts for orchestrating complex molecule formation in a chemically economical fashion.

Trost will be honored during an awards symposium and banquet at Oregon State University

in Corvallis, OR. More information on the symposium can be found at


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